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14 site-uri foarte utile

14 site-uri foarte utile

Useful websites are a dime a dozen – however truly useful functionality for everyday people to make digital (or real) life easier are often hidden. Here are some websites that can help navigate that road and what they do. Or just have some fun! – Includes incredibly useful tools including a date to date calculator that calculates the number of days, hours, minutes, seconds, even percentage of the year between two dates. Also includes working out all days, or only workdays. Optional time field and zone conversions available. – A website requiring absolutely no photo editing skills that enables you to create full size, web-ready image affects that are also ready to print out onto any size paper and format – even large posters!

10 Minute Mail – A website that enables a temporary email address that will self-destruct after 10 minutes. Amazingly useful for access to websites requiring registration to subscription-based services without wanting all the spam that comes with it.

Fake Name Generator – A website that can instantly create a fake identity – complete with phone number, address, birthday, nationality, country and even finances – you name it!

Account Killer – A website devoted to helping you kill a social media profile dead, not just disabling it. Good for those looking to start their social media over.

SkyScanner – A flight-scanning website that lists, in order of price and date, all the carriers offering a flight between destinations. Super simple use.

Reverse Dictionary – Enter in a concept or related words, even a whole sentence, and this tool will attempt to give you a list of words that it thinks you’re after.

Strip Creator – A website that enables you to make a comic strip quickly and easily – great for social media these days!

Join Me – A web-based application that allows two people to screen-share. Great for problem solving issues from abroad or helping a friend out. Also great to simply use as a conversing tool over collaboration of content.

A Good Movie To Watch – Great little tool to help suggest a movie to watch. Even lets you input the subscription service or services you’re subscribed to so it can ensure the movie suggested is available to you. Great for indecisives!

My Fonts – A website that uses ‘WhatTheFont!’ to identify the font you’re looking for from an image, website or screenshot. Awesome if you’re trying to replicate a certain look!

Adobe Color – Great for anything from Instagram wannabe’s through to professional web designers. Adobe Color lets you pick a colour tone (or range of colours) and suggests a themed colour palette to suit that style.

Print Friendly – While we still live in a paper-using world, this is a super useful tool to transform any website into a printer-friendly version of it. Even complex crazy layouts are nicely converted.

Google Trends – Last but certainly not least – Google Trend is an amazing tool that allows you to see, in real time, everything that is trending across the internet. It catalogues all google searches, globally, and delivers it in a super-useful layout so you can stay atop of whatever is trending. It allows you to choose what country you want the trends for as well as filter it by type. It’s like a hashtag, but for the whole web. Probably my favourite of this list.